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Marriage Equality Will Soon Arrive in Costa Rica

Photo Credit: Shutterstock - July 1st 2018, participants in a gay pride parade wave a flag in San Jose, Costa Rica

On May 26th, marriage equality will arrive in Costa Rica.

After multiple court rulings, the country's supreme court gave the Legislative Assembly a deadline of Tuesday, May 26th to put through the change, or it goes into effect immediately.

In January of 2018, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled that all of its member countries must legalize same sex marriages. This is binding for many Latin-American countries, including Costa Rica.

Conservative lawmakers attempted to delay the ruling for another 18 months, however it was rejected by Legislative Assembly, 20 votes in favor versus 33 against, a win for the LGBT community.

The Citizen Action Party's Enrique Sánchez said "Equal Marriage is a legal reality in our country. That will not change. The Inter-American Court and the Constitutional Chamber have made this clear."

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay have already implemented marriage equality for their citizens. Mexico allows same sex marriages in 18 of 33 states.

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